Teaching and Script Consultancy

There’s nothing I love more than helping people shape their material and passing on some of my hard-won experience working with directors, producers and actors across the independent sector and Hollywood. I’m a Visiting Lecturer at the London Film School and have taught and run courses at the Central School of Speech and Drama and London Film Academy. I’m also a regular at the writers’ workshop at the Inward Eye Film Festival in the Lake District.

I’m available for private mentoring work and would love to help you develop your material, whether it be a short or feature film. Or if you’re looking to adapt some existing material like a novel or true story. Please contact me via the contacts page.


I took the “Screenwriting: an introduction” course expecting to learn a little bit about the craft, but thanks to Henry, ended up getting much, much more. He provided not only great delivery of the curriculum, but also went above and beyond and helped every participant individually, providing high quality feedback and advice with regard to our screenplays. Henry’s knowledge, energy and enthusiasm are second only to his ability to provide clear and simple examples for the subject he’s teaching or consulting on. Most importantly, Henry made us all believe in ourselves and our work, and that’s priceless. David Konrad, author (Short Courses, Central School of Speech and Drama, March 2024)

Writers’ Workshop at Rydal Mount, Inward Eye Film Festival, Lake District 8 November 2022.

“A human screenwriting dynamo, the delegates loved him”
Lucy Van Smit

London Screenwriters’ Festival

“I honestly couldn’t have done it without Henry. I learnt so much from him”
Olivia Sweeney

London Film School, Screenwriting MA

“Henry knows how films work thematically, commercially and most importantly emotionally. Henry’s your guy, he’s a great mentor. Thank you very much, Henry!”
Masashi Kawamata

London Film School, Screenwriting MA

“Henry did such a fabulous job at our Writers Workshop and Film Festival. He is not only extremely professional and highly skilled but also enormously fun and enthusiastic about film and life. We hope he will be able to work with us every year and would recommend him without hesitation.”

Charlotte Wontner


“Henry’s enthusiasm for teaching and for stories is infectious. Not only does he help you distill the core of the story in your script but he does it with a kind spirit.”
Christoffer Flemstrom

Filmmaking Diploma, London Film Academy

“As a relatively new filmmaker and writer the moment I send off a script for thoughts I feel excitement followed by instant gut wrenching fear. Henry is a person who always brings out the positive and consistently points out where he feels I can develop further. He’s kind and that can really make or break an artist. I’m still scared but feel safe when Henry has a script of mine.”
Lewis Reeves (ITV’s Unforgotten, I May Destroy You)

Actor, writer, director

“Henry is a great wall to bounce ideas off and generate productive breakthroughs. He inspires me to always continue working on a script and strive for the best.”
Louis Strong

Actor, writer, producer , Santamana Pictures

“I met Henry at the Inward Eye Film Festival. He joined the round table discussions on our projects, providing surgical insight and clarity. In our 1-to-1 session Henry gave further useful feedback as well as candid but encouraging career advice.”
Merlin Goldman